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Enclosure Schwamendingen / Zurich

Every day, more than 110,000 vehicles drive on highway A1 right through Schwamendingen. This is a great burden for the residential area. The traffic noise significantly exceeds the allowed limit and the exhausts pollute the air. The Federal Office for Roads ("Bundesamt für Strassen") ASTRA in cooperation with the Canton and the city of Zurich are executing an enclosure project, which sustainably improves the current situation. It will give Schwamendingen a new quality of living and life.

For this purpose, MEDIAVILLE Switzerland is designing and developing a multimedia visitor-theme park- and information-center on 190m2. The project started in the spring of 2017. The construction and the realization of the media contents began in May 2018. The visitor center will open on schedule with the ground-breaking ceremony at the beginning of 2019.

The exhibition is primarily cued to the residence and the people of the city of Zurich as well as experts and higher level institutions. The total running period will be 6 years. Mediaville will continue to support the project during this time.

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Communication in the surroundings


Federal Office for Roads ("Bundesamt für Strassen") ASTRA


Zurich Schwamendingen


Concept and realization: Spring 2017 - December 2018
Opening: Beginning of 2019


Idea and design
Detail planning
Scenography and exhibit design
Graphic and media design / production
Direction and coordination on site


Dry construction, painting and carpentry, room setup, electric installations and lighting: raumfabrikweil
Stage, setting, and exhibit construction: SLS Illusion+Construction Schwerzenbach
Programming: Roland Sproll
Animations: yoose3D // Marc Vollmer
Sound and video recording: Benno Hofer // Nadelberg Film- und Ton-Art
Media engineering: auviso - audio visual solution ag Emmenbrücke / Luzern