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Around 1760 cups of coffee ago, we started to work with master roaster Nicole Gisi on transforming her manuscript entitled »Kaffee – Genuss, Passion, Wissenschaft« (Coffee: Enjoyment –Passion – Science) into a book.

The editorial design was developed in close collaboration with the author. Two information levels provide individual access both to the passionate coffee lover and to the expert, opening up her wealth of experience and conveying concentrated knowledge in a form that is easy to understand.

The typesetting is linear; a feeling of dynamism is created by the variable placing of the illustrations. The main colours are grey, green and brown. In the choice of paper, we not only felt that a pleasant tactile experience was important, but also selected a regional paper manufacturer. We used uncoated white paper, grey paper with inclusions and, for the cover, a linen-like paper that recalls coffee sacks.

The high-quality workmanship involving thread stitching, shortened pages and foil embossing awakens curiosity – the desire to look, leaf through, explore and discover.

The book is also available commercially:
»»Kaffee – Genuss, Passion, Wissenschaft«
ISBN: 978-3-033-05572-8


Graphic design


Nicole Gisi


2015 / 2016


Idea and conception
Graphic design

Project participants

Printing: Druckerei Hornberger