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A special encounter and an impressive inspection

The walk-in model of the colon explains all the stages of cancer of the colon in a way that is vivid and fascinating. It measures a good 10 by 7 metres and clearly illustrates the "Colon Experience" at 11 informative stations.
In an informative space that takes visitors inside the colon, visitors to the exhibit are introduced to the subject through info panels and film sequences. The clear 3D presentations in this realistic model provides interested visitors with a fascinating insight into the pathological changes in the intestinal mucous membrane. At specific points, visitors are then provided with information about prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care of colon cancer.


Product and brand worlds / Trade fairs and congresses


Roche Pharma AG


A range of hospitals and events focussing on cancer of the colon

Time period

Concept and realisation: 2011
Events: throughout the year


Planning and design
Graphic conception
Project management

Involved in the project

Exhibit construction: Gefa-Flug
3D visualisations: Marc Vollmer