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What is life?

State Horticultural Show Lahr / Baden 2018

The Catholic Church in Lahr decided fairly early on to publically present themselves in the "Philosophers' Grove", which was designed by the landscape architects for the State Horticultural Show 2018 (LGS). According to the motto of the LGS "life, growth, movement", Mediaville was commissioned to develop a suitable concept.

The result - three huge, medially interactive doors that invited visitors to enter. When they did, they received a broad range of pertinent answers to the different philosophical topics. The challenges were the outdoor application in a public space, the 6-month running period, and the wooden structure in combination with the necessary media equipment.

Using a prototype in front of the St. Peter and Paul Church in Lahr, the public feedback as well as the technical functionality was successfully tested during the Chrysanthema in the fall of 2017.


Communication in the surroundings


Archbishop's Ordinate ("Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat") Freiburg


State Horticultural Show - Lahr (Baden)


Concept and realization: 2017
Event: April - October 2018


Idea and design
Detail planning
Media production
Project management
Direction and coordination on site


Concept, programming: Roland Sproll
Electrical, metal, and carpentry work: raumfabrikweil GmbH